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ff7 ipad max stats

Aug 19,  · Final Fantasy VII for iOS launches today, but it's on a slow rollout: at the time of this writing, it only seems to be available in New Zealand, for $ NZD (which converts to about $13 in. Jun 14,  · FF7 Max Stats all characters Video G JRPG. Loading Unsubscribe from Video G JRPG? FF7 How to max Attack, Speed and Luck in minutes - Duration: XeroKynos 39, views. What do the spirit, vitality, etc. stats affect? Ask Question Asked 7 years, 8 months ago. In Final Fantasy VII, what were the 1/35 Soldier items for? 6. What relation between vitality and HP max of character in FF7? 4. What is the Nanaki/Red-XIII's species name? 1.

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User Info: CelesDestiny CelesDestiny 10 years ago 1 With stats maxed out atff7 ipad max stats, all materia removed and using equipment with no boosts at all, I can still give sources to the character. Is there some kind of invisible hard cap far beyond ? Square's Solution was to store the character's base stat in one variable max is something like 99 and the number of sources they have consumed that boost that stat in a separate variable max of The result of adding them together is then also capped at For some reason, though, instead of using the result's number in determining when the character should stop accepting more of a particular Source, they used the Source variable.

So even if the stat is already at and you no longer will get any benefit, ff7 ipad max stats, the character is willing to consume total sources of each ff7 ipad max stats of source. User Info: Jukain Jukain 10 years ago 3 is the cap outside of battle, period. The way Sources are coded, the game treats every character as if they started with 0 in all stats.

What this means is you can give everyone of every source, but once their stat reachesit's ultimately pointless to keep giving them Sources. The only way to get it above is by using a Hero Drink in battle. I'm a girl, damn it!

I wanna do girly things! Like fix up someone's hair and get phone calls expressing romantic sentiments! Superior characters like Cloud can ff7 ipad max stats significantly higher damage via Omnislash's auto-criticals though.

Im Chloud. I don't have any friends and my enimiys don't live. CelesDestiny Topic Creator 10 years ago 5 I see, that makes sense.


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ff7 ipad max stats


MaxStats - Basketball, powered by MaxPreps is a stat keeping for the iPad for high school statisticians, coaches and fans. The app is directly connected to the MaxPreps database so pregame setups and postgame score/stat imports are quick and easy/5(). Aug 19,  · 'Final Fantasy VII' comes to the iOS App Store with new features designed to let a wider range of people experience the game's full story. Max Stats. Switch this on to power your characters. The new iOS version of Final Fantasy 7 allows players to max out their stats and stop random encounters at any time. To Max Stats, press Y to enter the menu, then scroll to the very bottom to the.