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Let’s Celebrate Financial Literacy Month! | Maryland Council on Economic Education

Click here to watch the video about MCEE. And interestingly enough, the profitability is not just within the private sector. At present, the U. While going to college or seeking postsecondary training is certainly beneficial for individuals and the general economy, considering how this investment will pay off over the long run, and how you pay for the products and services that help you achieve your goal is also key to ensuring your investment pays off.

So what this boils down to for both students and parents is that it pays to be a savvy consumer. That is, for households to avail themselves with the information necessary to make informed choices about the costs involved in the college or postsecondary education decision and its financing options. And once the initial choice is made prior to commitmentsto find out the cost econedlink mobile phones matter the opportunity not taken. It may be that your second-best college or vocational choice, may actually fit better within your personal, professional, and financial goals.

There are a number of tools that both parents and students can use to help with this decision. Some of these tools are noted below, econedlink mobile phones matter. Although research supports that a college degree pays over the long term, this is given that econedlink mobile phones matter responsibly manage their income, expenditures and wealth over time.

And of course, this includes best positioning our students for success; finding out the true costs of their college or vocational options including financing prior to the actual decision. So, caveat emptor, let the buyer beware. Parents, students and teachers, check out this online series of articles from Consumer Report June 28, on the student loan debt crisis. James B.

Steele and Lance WilliamsJune Student Debt: Lives on Hold. Students may also like to find out the demand and median income for their future vocation when balancing college costs. Check out these two options to share with your students:. Financial Literacy Month provides us a wonderful opportunity to highlight the importance of Personal Finance Education! And, it offers a special chance to remind folks about why we do what we do.

What we do is to provide teachers with the financial literacy content and resources they need to feel both more confident in their knowledge and in implementing the standards in their classroom.

The strategies and teaching resources we offer are designed to make it easier for educators to implement the financial literacy standards, and often, for elementary teachers especially, econedlink mobile phones matter, finding a way to work smarter, not harder, by teaching across the curriculum.

In other words, by using trade books, both fiction, and non-fiction, to provide teachers the opportunity to hit the Maryland English Language Arts College and Career Ready Standards, econedlink mobile phones matter, while at the same time, teaching financial literacy content.

For Middle and High School educators, we encourage you to check out not only our website, but also www. This shows that we still have considerable work to do to make sure that by the time that our students are adults that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to better position long-term financial well-being.

This month, teachers, we hope you will take this opportunity to dedicate at least a few hours a week to teaching about financial literacy. To make your job easier, feel free to visit our resource page on www.

Feel free to share them with your students. In fact, have the students create their own personal savings stories! To view the savingstories, follow this link, www. Teachers, send us some activities that you have planned for this month to celebrate Financial Literacy Month by contacting kkokernak towson.

Also, consider registering for our Financial Literacy Summit scheduled to take place on June 28 th, www.

Corporation for Enterprise Development, Cfed Scorecard, www. Retrieved on April 1,from www. Center for Public Education, Teaching the Teacherswww.

This study offers evidence as to why the Maryland Council on Economic Education provides econedlink mobile phones matter quality teacher professional development and resources to foster economic and financial literacy education, econedlink mobile phones matter. We believe, based on credible research and experience that the more we can provide teachers with the training and resources they need to confidently teach economics and personal finance, the more likely our students are to adopt the skills necessary to become financially savvy consumers both in the near and long term.

Chetty, R. Rockoff Dec. We, econedlink mobile phones matter, at MCEE, have a great year planned! And, thanks to our past participants and supporters, we have a waiting list for the course! To register, follow this link, www. The intent was to provide a tool for teachers and administrators to help evaluate the many financial education resources on the market to determine what works best for their individual school system and community.

The research study also offers a review of the current research on both financial education and financial behavior as well as a brief synopsis of research on specific financial education products, econedlink mobile phones matter. And, that one way to combat this issue, is to provide financial literacy education to both elementary and secondary students. The Maryland Council on Economic Education and our national affiliate, the Council on Economic and Financial Education, offer materials that have been vetted and evaluated using educational best practices.

We also offer nationally normed and vetted assessments. We hope you will check out this econedlink mobile phones matter study and useful rubric to assess and evaluate the tools that work best for your financial literacy needs.

We believe that you will find that our resources correlate with the characteristics identified for quality resources. Have a great New Year and we hope to see you at one of our upcoming workshops!

Herman, Rebecca, Econedlink mobile phones matter A. Kaufman and Katie Wilson. We, at the Maryland Council on Economic Education, hope you have had a great summer! Expect to see the new and revised resources published beginning September 1,on www.

To see a sampling of our offerings and web site changes, check out the list below:, econedlink mobile phones matter. MCEE has also kept abreast of new developments and topics in the world of economic and financial education. Of particular note are several articles on credit and debt that may be of interest to both you and your students.

Metro Area where there are a considerable number of military, government and contractor jobs that require security clearances, you may want to emphasize with your students how credit scores and delinquent debt can impact these clearances. The rationale behind econedlink mobile phones matter is that debt delinquency suggests that the individual in question may have certain character traits that predisposes a person to certain behaviors that could potentially compromise sensitive information or security Fay, Econedlink mobile phones matter article, published in econedlink mobile phones matter July 30 thedition of Consumer Reports, describes how credit scores affect car insurance premiums, econedlink mobile phones matter.

In fact, according to a two year study conducted by Consumer Reportinsurers are more likely to base premium pricing on your credit behavior rather than your driving record Blyskal, Lastly, check out the relaunch of www. Blyskal, J. Secrets of Car Insurance Prices. Fay, B. Henderson, W. Come one, come all, get your feet wet starting now through summer learning about how you can integrate economics and financial literacy into your curricula!

We have all kinds of fun and interactive resources and workshops scheduled from econedlink mobile phones matter through the summer. Looking for something fun to do with your students to finish out econedlink mobile phones matter year? To register, follow this link to www. The game is open to grades 4 th through 12 th. MCEE also econedlink mobile phones matter plenty of summer fun scheduled so in between your travels, consider registering and coming to our summer programs.

The Financial Literacy Summit features different tracks to accommodate K teachers and offers a variety of presentations and resources, free of charge. To register, follow this link: www. This July 1 st workshop for secondary teachers provides not only engaging and fun content, but also includes free resources and a travel stipend.

To register, click here: www. The registration deadline is Econedlink mobile phones matter 15 thth. For elementary teachers, we have two professional development workshops scheduled for August 10 thand August 12 th, called Teaching Financial Literacy Standards, econedlink mobile phones matter, Grades K This comprehensive workshop is free to participants and offers lesson plans, fiction, and informational texts to help reinforce financial literacy curricula in Maryland elementary classrooms.

To register, go to www. Consider reading about how Flo integrates economics and personal finance into her 5 th grade class by organizing a class economy complete with student occupations, and a class store!

We hope you consider joining econedlink mobile phones matter this summer for plenty of fun in the sun! K teachers, celebrate Financial Literacy month all econedlink mobile phones matter the month of April with the Maryland Council on Economic Education by committing to teach, at least once a week, personal finance in your content area!

How is this possible? Well, we make it easy, no matter what grade level you teach! Elementary econedlink mobile phones matter, we have a whole smorgasbord of free lesson plans connected to fiction and informational texts on our website, www.

Pre-K to kindergarten teachers, check out Making Money, a lesson that teaches students to recognize money and identify the items that can be purchased with money. Grade 1 teachers, try using Making Choicesa lesson plan that walks students through the decision-making process and the basics of opportunity costs. Grades teachers, try using Rock, Brock and the Savings Shock, a book that teaches students about savings and the significance of compound interest.

Middle school teachers, we offer several lessons that introduce the advantages of comparison shopping, the nuances of contracts, and the importance of saving. Plus, for elementary through high schoolteachers have access to www. Teachers can search by grade level, subject, and concept to find the economics and personal finance lessons, interactive resources, and videos that best complement your curricula.

Also, 8 th grade teachers interested in the Civil War may want to take advantage of a special workshop titled Multiple Perspectives on the Civil War held at the Maryland Historical Society on April 18 th Teachers will receive economics, history, econedlink mobile phones matter, geography, and technology resources and content focused on the Civil War.

Please note that the registration deadline is March 27 th High school teachers, www.



econedlink mobile phones matter


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